ADDRESS: 13883 156th St., Edmonton, Ab., T6V 1J1
PHONE NO: 780-938-3335

EMAIL: admin@mudpieparties.com
TIME: 8:30a - 11:30a

PRICE: $450 5 days | $350 3 days | $225 2 days

A "MudPie Kid" should be a global kid. Cultured. This program will introduce them to experiences outside of their current environment. You cultivate an empathetic and tolerant child by educating them culturally. Exposure at an early age.

ART - Monthly artist feature to be explored and inspire children to create their own works of art.

MUSIC- Monthly feature from different parts of the world giving them access to all types of music.

SCIENCE- Age appropriate science experiments to encourage curiosity, experimentation, and exploration. Zoology and Biology especially loved by children at this age.

One example of tying in the cultural experience in science: Perhaps we are studying Indonesia one month and learn about the volcanoes in Indonesia and the science experiment will lend a visual example with the standard baking soda and vinegar experiment.

LANGUAGE ARTS - Fundamentals of reading and writing is present in all of other subjects and it’s own primary focus with the opportunity to be exposed to English and French in our program.

CULINARY ARTS - Introduction to their way around the kitchen at an age appropriate level, nutrition, healthy eating, and food in a fun and inclusive way. Along the way we'll learn about different foods around the world and how food is incorporated in different cultures.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Including dance, yoga, basic fitness, and introduction to a variety of sports in a non competitive and unintimidating way.

PRACTICAL LIFE SKILLS - Using Montessori inspired teaching methods. Teaching young children to be independent in a practical way i.e.. sweeping, pouring a cup of water, cutting vegetables, folding clothes, etc.